280 Shreeve Road, Canning Vale, WA, 6155

Youth Section

Sikh Association of WA encourages Sikh children and youths to organize and involve in religious, cultural, social and sporting activities and events.

The aim is to:

1. To provide teaching about Sikhism to the youth so they can develop a better understanding of their religion that will enable them to identify themselves as Sikhs and will hopefully guide them to the path of becoming Gursikhs.

2. To organize events and functions to highlight Punjabi culture, as this is also an important part of our identity.

3. To facilitate social interaction amongst the Sikh youth to foster a sense of inclusion and community, so they do not feel ‘lost’ and out of place amongst other Sikh youth.

4. To foster goodwill between young Sikhs and other community Youth groups.

5. To help raise issues concerning youth and bring these out into the open to facilitate open discussion, especially between parents and youth.

6. Help young Sikhs in WA develop their identity into that of ‘Sikhs in Australia’ so that they can become socially responsible and contributing members of Australian society, whilst still being proud of their heritage, and being able to say with pride that they are Sikhs.